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Green Flamingos’ sound was forged from the collective, yet varied influences, of Jesse Friesen and “Bobby J” Edwards. They sometimes refer to their style as "acoustified rock and pseudo-electrified folk," yet even that doesn’t cover all the bases.

Jesse Friesen grew up around music. Between his parents working at radio stations, bands staying at his house when they came through town, and cassettes, records, and CDs being played constantly, music has become an integral part of him. In addition to playing solo and with Green Flamingos, Jesse plays with the Diamond W Wranglers, the world-famous western
group who has toured China and played Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Green Flamingos have performed at prestigious events like the Symphony in the Flint Hills and the Orpheum Theater’s Christmas Express. Multiple times, they have played on the main stages of the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield. One year, they were joined on-stage by Italian guitar master, Beppe Gambetta, and two former members of the famed New Grass Revival; John Cowan, currently of the Doobie Brothers, and Pat Flynn. Along with live performances, Green Flamingos were honored to be a part of the award-winning “Home on the Range” movie, appearing in the film and performing on the soundtrack.

Green Flamingos pulls from all sorts of genres and styles; the group shows its ability to perform an eclectic mix of music. They cover a wide range of styles, but still maintain their signature Flamingo’s sound.


guitar, vocals

Jesse started Green Flamingos in 2012 with his sister, Annie. He has an undying love for acoustic music, primarily Folk and Americana, and in his live shows, you can regularly hear songs you’ll recognize from Peter, Paul & Mary, Michael Martin Murphey, Bob Dylan, and many more.  Whether playing solo, as a duo, or with a full band, Jesse excels at connecting with his audience - through songs, stories, and humor - bringing together a memorable experience. Jesse's love for so many styles of music and his eclectic tastes bring a wide variety to Green Flamingos.


ukulele, lead vocals


Bobby J started playing music and writing songs at a very young age. He joined the band in 2015 and helped create the unique style and feel of Green Flamingos. In ‘21, Jesse dragged him out to Colorado to play cowboy music, and he’s currently the drummer for the Flying W Wranglers when he’s not performing with Green Flamingos.


drums, vocals


Steve, as he's called in Green Flamingos, is Bobby J's little brother. After Annie left the band, Steve stepped in to fill her place, along with adding additional vocals to the band. His primary musical love is punk rock, but he has a softer side that really shows with Green Flamingos. Along with drums, Steve plays guitar and sings lead on a few songs.


bass, righteous vibes


Eric is the newest Flamingo, but he’s been playing music around Wichita, Kansas for many
years. He plays with a number of other groups in the area, who all fight over what dates they
get to have him. Eric’s addition of the lower frequencies really helped fill in the missing piece
of Green Flamingos.


mandolin, percussion


Annie is one of the original Green Flamingos, and although she's usually busy traveling the world, there's always room for her in the Green Flamingos. As the band's original percussionist, she now enjoys offering her skills on the mandolin.

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