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22-004 Cover_01_square.jpg

The new release from Jesse Friesen & Green Flamingos goes in a different direction from previous musical tastes of Green Flamingos. This Folk-based album goes back to Jesse Friesen's musical origins; the acoustic feel of traditional folk and Americana, mixed with Western-tinged tracks. His love and respect of some of the greatest songwriters of our time shows through with selections from Guy Clark, Kate Wolf, and John Denver.

GSS 19-001 Cover Small 2.jpg

The third album began almost as soon as we finished the first album in 2016. This album is the third Green Flamingos have recorded, but only the second to be released. Our numbering system might not make a lot of sense, but musicians rarely do!

We started moving away from the "mostly acoustic" feel of the first album, pulling in all sorts of genres and styles. Bobby J has a vast collection of songs, and taking those, along with some new material written with Jesse, allows for a very eclectic range.

CD Cover 2.jpg

The first album from Green Flamingos, released in September 2016. It's filled with amazing original songs by Bobby J and Jesse, as well as some re-imagined covers. This album features Bobby J on drums, along with our original drummer, Annie Friesen.

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