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Green Flamingos Album Info & Song Lyrics

Included here is a collection of the albums released by Green Flamingos, along with lyrics to the original songs that we have recorded.

Green Flamingos enjoy writing songs, separately and together. Countless hours have been spent in the studio writing and completing all sorts of songs.

Green Flamingos

The first (official) Flamingos album was released September 2015 at the Walnut Valley Festival. After playing for a few years and making various recordings, the band finally decided to record and release a full album.  In support of the new album, the band also released a video of “Overkill.”


1. Resolve
2. Blue Sky
3. Overkill
4. Chasm
5. Go Figure
6. Love You to Pieces
7. The Burn
8. Idle
9. The Pretenders
10. Now I See
11. Waiting for My Real Life to Begin
12. Swimming Song
13. Lullabye No. 1 (Hidden Track)

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GSS 19-001 Cover Small 2.jpg

The third (and latest) album has been in the works since we finished the first album in 2016. This album is the third Green Flamingos have recorded, but only the second to be released. Our numbering system might not make a lot of sense, but musicians rarely do!

We started moving away from the "mostly acoustic" feel of the first album, pulling in all sorts of genres and styles. Bobby J has a vast collection of songs, and taking those, along with some new material written with Jesse, allows for a very eclectic range.


1. Table for One
2. Goodbye Paradise
3. Cupid's Got a Gun
4. The Promise
5. Fall Away
6. Not That Far Away
7. Something's Wrong
8. What Does It Take
9. This Time
10. Cold Outside
11. What's Forever For
12. Good Riddance
13. Lazy

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